Daniel Zachary Biedermeier is Carson Drew's business associate, the lawyer of the Draycott estate and the hidden main antagonist of the movie Nancy Drew. He is portrayed by Barry Bostwick.

Nancy Drew (2007 Film)

One night, just after Nancy retrieves Dehlia Draycott's will, Biedermeier sends his henchmen out to kidnap her, chloroform her into unconsciousness, and leave her in a locked room. Naturally, Nancy escapes but gets into a car accident and must go to the emergency room. Nancy's father, along with Biedermeyer, arrives and demands to know what is going on. She admits to her secret sleuthing and explains about Draycott's hidden will. Biedermeyer offers them a ride home so he can sign a business deal with Mr. Drew. Nancy discovers that Biedermeyer is the one who was disinherited by Dehlia's will (signing his papers with a large "Z," as his middle name is Zachary), concludes that he is Dehlia Draycott's supposed love. However, when he questions Nancy about the will, she manages to jump out of the moving car, leaving her father with Biedermeyer and his men. Nancy manages to make it all the way home and is caught by Biedermeyer who threatens to "squeeze the will out of her." Nancy asks him why he killed Dehlia and he replies that Dehlia went a little crazy after she put her daughter, Jane, up for adoption—he also reveals that Jane's not his daughter, but Leshing's, and demands the will. Nancy kicks Biedermeyer in the shin and escapes, but is once again cornered by Biedermeyer and his henchmen. Leshing arrives via the secret passageway and knocks the henchmen unconscious and Nancy reveals that she secretly recorded what Biedermeyer told her and he is arrested.

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