Identity Revealed
Identity Revealed
House name Carolyn Keene
Publication information
Publisher Aladdin Paperbacks[1]
Producer Simon & Schuster
Publication date March 2009[1]
Media type Paperback
ISBN ISBN 1-4169-6828-8
Series Nancy Drew Girl Detective
Identity Mystery Trilogy
Preceded by Identity Theft
Followed by Model Crime

Identity Theft is the 35th book in the Nancy Drew Girl Detective and the final book in the Identity Mystery Trilogy series. It was published in March 2009 by Aladdin Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster)

Publisher's summary

My online sleuthing has led my friends and me down the Internet rabbit hole. After joining BetterLife, an online community, to try to stop a case of cyberbullying from the inside, the bullies turned on me. And now I'm close to revealing their true identities in real, off-line life.

All the clues I've found have pointed me in one direction, but is it a false trail? Before I can expose the madmen behind the mayhem, I need to be absolutely sure that they're the ones wreaking havoc all over BetterLife. But how can I be sure when nothing on the Internet is as it seems? Catching this crook might be more difficult than even I anticipated![1]


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River Heights

Businesses and organizations

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