The Nancy Drew Wiki is a wiki hosted by Wikia, devoted to the world famous children's novels, Nancy Drew. It was started on October 20, 2008 by Youngsimba and since then has grown to include 143 articles and 191 images. It runs using MediaWiki, which means it functions in the same way and uses the same basic format as Wikipedia. The Nancy Drew Wiki strives to be a definitive source for information about Nancy Drew.


Anyone and everyone can edit this wiki, and all contributions are welcome. While registration is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended for contributors to create an account as there are many benefits. It is also recommended that new editors unfamiliar with the wiki style read the before getting started.


Other languages

The Nancy Drew Wiki is currently available in English, only.

If you wish to start the Nancy Drew Wiki in another language, you can apply for the new wiki here.

See also

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